Tech Enthusiast,
Music Afficionado,
Great at Googling

Hi there! I am Timothy, currently helping creative minds transform their ideas and visions into successful products. Have a fun project to collab on? Awesome, hit me up!


Actually, I'm just
pretty damn curious.

Exploring things is my major passion. Whether it's a hardly known music album by Van Halen, an awesome new JavaScript library or a friend's favorite book. I greatly value listening to people who share their tales, tastes and experiences as a great way of growing - and in the in the end, growth is what makes life meaningful to me. Building a skill-set that covers a wide range of fields and metiers has proven invaluable in founding a business or two and allows viewing a problem from different angles to come up with a suitable solution.
Keep on learning!


One step
at a time.

These are the most recent footprints of my professional life. See my LinkedIn profile for a more complete list.

tarent solutions GmbH

Senior Technology Consultant

Kartenhaus Software GmbH

Fullstack Developer & Product Manager

Kartenhaus Software GmbH


& Co.


Abo Adieu

iOS Development

Liquid Force

4D Form

3D Animation

Kartenhaus Software

Captain Immo

Web Development

There's more, but
these are my favorites

Over the last few years, I've been part of a pretty wide range of projects - covering print design, both 2D and 3D animation, web development as well as native app development.

& Publications

Sharing my learnings and insights not only sharpens my thoughts, but is also fun. That's why I try to pass on some knowledge I try to pass on some knowledge whenever I have a bit of time left. (Beware! Mixed language content!)

Tech Stack, Tooling und der Weg zum MVP

April 2021 | Digital Hub Bonn

In diesem Workshop im Rahmen des Alpha Accelerators ging es um zwei Sachen: Auf dem Weg zum MVP sollte Code nicht die erste Sorge sein und falls es doch ernst wird, gibt es zahlreiche Abkürzungen.


Tech Talk: GraphQL Basics

März 2021 | tarent solutions

Der Talk geht kurz knapp darauf ein, was GraphQL ist, wo es wann Mehrwert stiftet und welche Hürden existieren


Tech Friday: React Basics Workshop

Dezember 2020 | tarent solutions

Um ein Bisschen Lust auf mehr zu machen, zeige ich in diesem Workshop die absoluten Basics von React



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